Every Grain of Sand, re-trans
Peter Posts Nachdichtung des Bob-Dylan-Songs „Every Grain of Sand“, rückübersetzt ins Amerikanische.
Re-translation from Peter Post’s German version of Bob Dylan’s „Every Grain of Sand“
German Version
Original Version

In the time for my confession
When the hardest hour nears
And the sea of tears at my foot
Would drown every seed
A dying voice then in me
Calls almost without a sound
Plagued by all dangers
And the lessons of resignation
I won’t look back anymore
At what I’ve done wrong
The chain of compulsion I realize now
And leave this path
In the crazy confusion
I see the master’s hand
In every leaf that trembles
In every grain of sand

The blooms from the swamp of indulgence
And the weeds of time that’s passed
They have robbed the confidence
And inverted every truth
But the sun burns down
Through time and lights the way
To the release from the pain of futility
From the wasting away that no one can bear
I stare at the door
Of temptation’s angry light
And every time I stand there
I see my own face
Then further on the journey
Have I come to realize
That every hair is counted
Like every grain of sand

Been poor and got rich
In the worries of the darkness
In the passion of a summer’s dream
In the cold of wintertime
In the bitter dance of loneliness
Into outerspace, you don’t return home
In the broken mirror of innocence
On every forgotten face
I hear the steps of the ancestors
Like the rolling out in the sea
I turn myself, there’s sometimes someone there
Then again it’s only me
I am hovering in the undecided
Of man’s real land
Like every sparrow that falls
Like every grain of sand


Every Grain of Sand re-trans





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