Love Sick re-trans

Retranslation from the German version of the Bob Dylan song by Peter Post
German Version
Original Version

Tired of Love

I’m walking through dead streets
Walking with you in my mind
I’m so down, everything‘s passed
And the clouds are weeping

Did I hear someone lie?
Did I hear someone cry in the distance?
I spoke like a child, you destroyed me with a smile
I don’t have any protection.

I’m tired of love
I’m addicted to her
This kind of love
I’m so sick of it

I see lovers in the grass
I see silhouettes behind glass
I watch them ’til they’re gone
I stay back, didn‘t overcome
I’m just carrion

I’m tired of love
The clock is ticking
This kind of love
Just makes me sick

Sometimes something‘s screaming in the silence
Sometimes my only will is revenge
Will you ever be true?
Will I never forget you?

I’m tired of love
I wish I’d never met you
I’m tired of love
I have lost all hope

I don’t know what to do
I pay every toll
To be with you





Peter Töpfer