One Too Many Mornings, re-trans

Peter Posts Nachdichtung des Bob-Dylan-Songs „One Too Many Mornings“, rückübersetzt ins Amerikanische.
Re-translation from Peter Post’s German version of Bob Dylan’s „One Too Many Mornings“
German Version
Original Version

Wasted Life

Outside the dogs are barking
The day is getting dark and
When the night lays herself down
Every dog falls silent, too
And the silent night she shatters
Out of how I am pining
‚Cause I have wasted my life
And I’m so far behind

At the crossing ‚fore my house
My eyes become murky
As I look back to the room
Where we once loved eachother
Now I’m standing in the streets
And lose myself in a sea of signs
I have wasted my life
And I’m so far behind

A longing feeling
That hurts everybody
When ev’rything that I’m saying
You could say just as good
You are right from your point of view
But I’m from mine even more
And we both waste our lives
And are so much after it

One Too Many Mornings re-trans




Peter Töpfer